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"Open Your
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Issue #5
Girl loves the sun


The Sunshine of Your Love

Have you ever thought about the way the sun pours light and warmth down on everything in it's path?  It doesn't decide who should get more, who should get less, or who should get none at all.  The sun simply shines.  When we open our hearts and let love pour forth in this way, without stopping to decide who is deserving, we feel lighter, more energized, and more comfortable in our daily lives.

In This Issue: 

  • The ABC's of goal-setting - Keys to Creating Peace, Love and Understanding
  • Unconditional Love Flow - A simple practice that opens hearts and changes lives
  • "Open Your Heart and Quiet Your Mind" - The second in a series of 6 FREE teleclasses on personal pathways to wellness
  • Fabulous February Discount - Sign up with a friend and save
Be Well and Happy 2010,

Jeanne Kuntz

Wellcoaches¨ Certified Wellness Coach

The ABC's of  Goal-Setting

Jeanne Welcomes You
Last month you were introduced to SMART goals, a streamlined process of insuring that the goals you choose will be just challenging enough to produce the results you want.  In this issue we will explore the ABCs of goal-setting.  These simple guidelines offer a holistic approach to following through on your SMART goals.  Getting into the Valentine's Day spirit, our sample goal will be giving and receiving more love.  

The word "love' can mean many things.  For our purposes, love refers to feelings of goodwill,  benevolence, generosity of spirit, unconditional acceptance, and kindness.  Unlike romantic love, which is a specific connection between two people, these other forms of love can be shared with everyone, even people we don't know.  Indeed, there is some evidence that positivity, productivity, and creativity flourish when we choose to express love unconditionally.  
A - Awareness
Awareness is the starting point for all change.  You wouldn't intentionally walk through life with your eyes closed, yet we all tune out some of the sights, sounds, thoughts and feelings that surround us and emanate from within
us.  We have Watering with Loveno choice!  If we didn't filter and manage the constant barrage of data, we would become overwhelmed and incapacitated.  But we can and should choose to focus on the qualities that we want to cultivate and on the results that we want more of.  Metaphorically speaking, the grass is always greener where it's watered!
 There are many mindfulness practices that increase awareness, but you can start with the simple act of choosing where you put your attention.  For example, choose to notice when you pay someone a genuine compliment,  choose to notice if you offer a reassuring word or touch to a colleague who is having tough day. Savor the positive glow that accompanies your awareness.  You probably generate much goodwill throughout the day, but without attention, these events may go undetected.  Awareness is like a flashlight.  It illuminates what is present.  When you make it a practice to illuminate and notice your acts of kindness and unconditional love, they seem to multiply.  Begin to see yourself for the kind and thoughtful person that you are. If you would like to explore these practices in a more structured way, consider reading Loving-Kindness by Sharon Salzberg or visit the Insight Meditation website.

B - Back-up
Who will support you on your journey of change?   We are not Marlboro Men.  You know what I mean, the steely, aloof, loner sitting on top of his horse, smoking a cigarette.  He doesn't need anyone's help. He can do it all by himself.  Kind of.  Intelligent, progressive thinkers have exposed him as a myth.  
Everyone can accomplish more when they collaborate with the right people.  The road is easier, more fun, and full of pleasant surprises when you share it with others of like mind.  As we ponder your path to ideal health and well-being, who is walking beside you?  Who is cheering you on and backing you up?  Good friends?  Inspirational reading material?  If you are serious about creating long-term change, a free wellness coaching session is the best way to insure your success.

C - Commitment
Commitment is made possible through awareness of what we want for ourselves and back-up to keep us going through the tough times.  But what causes us to make a commitment in the first place?  As I have mentioned before, this is not a one-size-fits-all world.  Our initial reason for practicing to be a kinder, gentler version of ourselves may stem from a desire to attract more friends or have more influence at home or in the workplace.  We may simply enjoy the feeling we get from engaging the world with an open heart.  Over time, as we stick with our commitment despite setbacks and difficulties, we find that our new behaviors and attitudes require less energy to sustain.  There is a subtle shift from "what we want to do" to "who we truly are".  Having incorporated a more loving approach into our daily mindset, and we can move on to new challenges and commitments, knowing that we have what it takes to follow through.

Next month our topic will be "Hope Springs Eternal".  Hope is the antidote to despair and a catalyst for action.
Unconditional Love Flow
You are probably the type of person who tries to be your best self and inspire others.  It is a tough job these days, and more important than ever to have a personal practice of some sort that really works for you.  Mrs. Saks, an LAUSD kindergarten teacher developed her own method of increasing the flow of love and goodwill both to and from her students.

I arrive in my classroom about 5 minutes early.  I sit at my desk and take a few calming breaths, reminding myself of how important my role is in the lives of my students.  I then look at each student's spot, envisioning the child who sits there, and fill my body and mind with love and light, sending it out toward the mental image of that child.  I do this with all 25 of my students, spending a bit more time on those who really need it the most.  This practice, which I started about 5 years ago, has brought me recognition from parents and colleagues for my success with academics and behavior.  The aspect that I appreciate the most, however, is the joy and ease it brings to my life each day.

"Open Your Heart and Quiet Your Mind" 

Join the conversation on this FREE teleclass on Wednesday, February 10 from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST and explore how you can craft a daily awareness practice that generates kindness and patience with yourself and others.

Tired of being stingy with your love and goodwill?
Create more opportunities for kindness in your life.
See where you are already a master at generosity of spirit.
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The teleclass be led by Jeanne Kuntz, a Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach

What else is there to do but open your heart, quiet your mind, and deal with the suffering that is in front of you...
 ~Ram Dass

Be Well,
Jeanne Kuntz
Wellcoaches¨ Certified Wellness Coach

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