Breathe - Move - Let Go
Relaxation Yoga - NEW TIME

First Class FREE
Tuesdays 1:15 - 2:30
at The Moving Joint
12813 Venice Blvd, 90066


When will power is not enough, and you've almost given up...
Teaching Wellness can bring you the help you need.
Are you ready?


If your dream of a healthy, joyful life seems just out of reach, wellness coaching may be the missing ingredient. Get the expert guidance you need to replace negative, unhealthy habits with positive changes. Jeanne Kuntz, a Wellcoaches® Certified Wellness Coach will support you every step of the way. The deceptively simple Coaching Conversation allows you to make changes you never thought possible. Creating SMART Goals ensures success in the very first week. As your coach, Jeanne will provide written feedback, reminders, and encouragement.

  • Healthy Eating

    Learn the secrets that allow you to eat what you love without guilt and still maintain your ideal weight.
  • Physical Activity

    Reconnect with your body and experience the joy of movement, recreation, and exercise.
  • Quality Personal Time

    It only takes 5 minutes a day to generate feelings of serenity, energy and purpose. You are always there for everyone else. It's time to start putting your needs first.
  • Teachers

    If you work with children of any age, you are serving as a role model for positive health habits and stress management techniques. Self-care allows you to feel your best and create a climate of creativity, respect, enthusiasm in the classroom.

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