Hope Springs Eternal
Hope-Antidote to Despair
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Original Song by Micheal Monagan
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Issue #6
Clouds of Hope


Hope Springs Eternal

All cultures respond to spring with renewed hope and the promise of a better future. Many even choose the Spring Equinox  as their official New Year.  Let's explore how you can harness the energy of hopefulness to create more health and reduce stress in your daily life.

In This Issue:
  • How hopeful is your inner-dialogue?
  • 5 Must Haves to keep hope alive and well
  • "Healthy, Happy, Hopeful" - The third in a series of 6 FREE teleclasses on personal pathways to wellness
  • Original Song "Open Your Heart"
  • March  Discount -One Free Coaching Session
Be Well and Happy,

Jeanne Kuntz

Wellcoaches¨ Certified Wellness Coach

Hope - The Antidote to Despair

Hope can break the cycle of despair, even when there is no obvious reason to be optimistic.  When you are facing a tough situation and the future looks bleak, focusing on the negative outcome often makes the situation worse instead of better.   In such circumstances, hope can help you to make a shift toward more positive, expansive thinking and feeling.

Despair can affect your health along with your attitude and energy level.  Cortisol is released not only when you experience stressful events, but even when you think about them!  Of course, you need to be aware of the evils that flew out of Pandora's Box - war, disease, crime - and protect yourself and your loved ones.  But you may also discover, as you tune in to your inner-dialogue, that you are running all sorts of worst-case scenarios around in your head that  will never happen.  These doom-and-gloom thoughts do trick the body and nervous system into gearing up for fight or flight.  The result?  Reduced access to your higher brain functions, compromised immune response, depression and anxiety.  Fortunately, the opposite also holds true.  Generating hope by imagining positive outcomes can increase dopamine and seratonin levels in the body.  This type of creative imagining can ultimately help you discover a better response to your problems. 

You may have come across the story "Three Letters from Teddy", an inspiring tale of how one teacher's sensitivity changed a life.  When I received this email from a friend, I was able to coast along on a renewed sense of hope for days, and continued be re-inspired each time I recalled the story.  When decided to include it in this newsletter, I discovered that it was, in fact, a work of fiction that first appeared in Home Life in 1976!  Was the story any less effective because it wasn't true?  No.  I still experienced life as full of hope and possibility.  The positive fictions that we create for ourselves can be equally powerful.  Human beings are constantly imagining outcomes (stories) without even realizing it. By choosing to cultivate and include more best-case-scenarios, you develop a new habit that generates hope, health and well-being. So, if you missed your morning meditation or afternoon workout, here are some alternative practices that will renew your spirit and ready you for inspired action.

"Must Haves" for Your Hopefulness Chest
Here are some simple steps for increasing your HQ - Hope Quotient

1.  Volunteer.  Hope is the antidote to despair, and taking action is the most powerful way of delivering that antidote. Decide how you want to change want  the world,and work with others to make your desire a reality.  Shoot for a commitment of at least once a month.

2.  Hang out with hopeful, positive people. Their attitude will rub off on you.

3.  Choose your news diet carefully.  Avoid sensationalism masquerading as news.  Seek out and linger upon articles of personal triumph, humanitarian aid, legislation that serves the common good.

4.  Limit your exposure to pessimism.  Learn to kindly but firmly opt out of conversations focused on negative ranting. 

5.  Imagine best case scenarios.

How did it go?
Email me and share your success with the  above action steps. 
Music to Lift the Spirit
Many thanks to Michael Monagan of Widney High School for his original song, Open Your Heart. Michael, a participant in my Teacher Wellness Workshop, was delighted to find that the February issue of Jeanne's Wellness Tips (note the name change!) had the same title as his inspiring song.  Thanks, Michael, for opening our hearts with your music and creativity. 

"Happy, Healthy, Hopeful" 

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Do you get stuck in worst-case-scenario thinking?

Learn how to use playfulness and imagination as doorways to Hope.

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"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."
~Albert Einstein

Be Well,
Jeanne Kuntz
Wellcoaches¨ Certified Wellness Coach

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