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Welcome to the Eco Film Exchange, a free lending library of films that inspire, educate and motivate you toward a more harmonious relationship with the Earth.

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Film Titles & Description:

  • Symphony of the Soi: A combination of stunning photography, basic geology, inspiring environmentalism and a cautionary tale of where we are headed if we don't change our practices soon.  There is some very hopeful information about how harmonious practices can restore our land and our spirit.  SEE IT!!!
  • Occupy the Farm:  We have lost our way and allowed greed to muddle our concept of what is right. In this documentary about the restoration of the Gill Tract, which is under the stewardship of University of California - Berkeley, you will see the lengths decent human beings will go to in order to bring food justice to nearby Albany, California.
  • Vanishing of the Bees: These little creatures are not just one more helpful insect. Without the bees, our fruits and vegetables will essentially disappear. Thousands of bees disappear without a trace, but by the end of the film, the culprit is discovered. Can you guess "who dunnit"?
  • Dirt! The Movie: This well-crafted movie captivates both adults and children, even those who are not eco-minded. You will come away with an understanding of how the dirt that covers the Earth is really more like a life-giving skin than a lifeless crust.
  • The Cove: Dolphins captivate our imaginations with their almost human intelligence and playful antics. But there is a dark side to the dolphin tourist industry that is vividly exposed in this film. Not for the squeamish! (Netflix Instant Watch)
  • Food, Inc.: If you need any impetus to change your eating habits, this is the movie to watch. This movie exposes the role of corporate greed in destroying the very fabric of our farming system. If this film doesn't make you angry, you probably slept through it.
  • Running Dry: Award-winning actress Jane Seymour narrates this compelling documentary about water quality and quantity around the world. In short, things don't look good. Closer to home, the DVD contains a companion piece, "The American Southwest: Are We Running Dry?" highlighting water issues that exist in the Southwestern States. The bottom line is that water issues are as important, if not more so, than oil.
  • Bag It!: Those little plastic bags are creating a disaster for our oceans which, in case you didn't notice, support life on this planet. Watch it with family and friends and start your own "plastic bag-free" community.

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