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Health and wellness include body, mind, spirit and planet. Explore the many ways you can create the life and world you've always dreamed of. (Note: Clicking on a link will take you to a new window.)

Teaching Wellness Downloads

  • Daily Renewal: It only takes a few minutes a day to change your chemistry from stressed to relaxed. Here are some quick fixes that are absolutely FREE!
  • Moving Through the Day: Simple yoga movements that you can wedge into your daily activities. TEACHERS! Do these with your kids in the classroom or play yard.
  • Green Wellness Tips: A dozen ways to create healthy change for yourself, your community and your planet.

Health and Wellness

  • Meditation + Exercise: If you are antsy, short of time, or both, try combining exercise and meditation
  • Fruits and Veggies Matter: Enjoy these colorful foods as you protect your health. 
  • My Food Pyramid: Check out the "Pyramid Tracker" for an interactive approach to keeping a food journal.
  • EZ Weight Plate: This clever plate takes guesswork out of portion control. Or, use this concept and create your own! 

Sustainable Living

  • Green 'n Easy Living Simple steps to getting the chemicals out of your life, living greener and  spending less.
  • Eco Film Exchange The Mar Vista Green Committee organizes a free lending library of earth-conscious films.
  • Rain Barrel Pilot Project: A free Rain Barrel is available to those who live in the designated area. Save the oceans and conserve water!
  • Sustainable Works: If you are ready to make a genuine committment to positive planetary change, check out their Green Living Workshops.
  • Bikerowave: Cycling for pleasure is great exercise. Using a bike instead of a car for transportation is one of the coolest ways to take control of your life and inspire others to reduce their carbon footprint. Check out this DIY not-for-profit bicycle repair shop in Mar Vista.

Community Involvement

  • MVCC Green Committee: This Mar Vista blog has amazing resources available for every aspect of community life. If you are itching to get involved, start scratching here.
  • Community Service: If you are a student looking for Community Service opportunities geared for your passions, check out this list of options.