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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process of Wellness Coaching work?

It sounds deceptively simple -- you talk, I listen. But the feedback I provide allows you to hear your own thoughts in a way that is not usually possible for you do on your own. I will assist you in exploring what has worked for you and why, and I will support you as you move toward clearly defined goals. (See Wellness Coaching)

Is Wellness Coaching a good fit for me?

Readiness is a big part of the coaching process. If you have tried and failed to make important changes in your life, if you are concerned that your health is in jeopardy as a result of poor choices which you feel powerless to avoid, or if you sense that a more fulfilling life is available to you, but you aren't sure how to access it, Wellness Coaching is for you. To get a better idea if this process can benefit you right now, take advantage of the FREE Wellness Coaching mini-session.

Can our coaching sessions be done by phone?

Phone sessions are a great vehicle for Wellness Coaching. They allow you to have greater flexibility and convenience when scheduling your appointments and are better for the environment. In addition, some clients find that they are better able to focus on their own thoughts and perceptions when they are in the comfort of their own homes.

How quickly can I get results from Wellness Coaching?

Most people find that they can start making changes after the very first session. If we continue to work together for a three-month period, it is much more likely that the changes you make will become permanent. This length of time allows for the full cycle of behavior change, including setbacks, recommitting, and maintenance.

What is the difference between Wellness Coaching and psychotherapy?

In therapy, the focus is often on fixing a problem. In Wellness Coaching, our goal is to create new behaviors that give you more of what you want from life. Wellness Coaches do not diagnose or treat mental illness. Although everyone experiences a range of moods and emotions, Wellness Coaching teaches you to make wise choices, and stay focused on positive outcomes.