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What is Wellness Coaching and What Can It Do for Me?

As a client in the coaching partnership, you will create a clear picture of what you truly want for yourself in terms of health and well-being. This is your Wellness Vision. Through a series of coaching conversations, I will guide you toward making this vision a reality. During the first session, you will draw a personal wellness blueprint with realistic (SMART) goals. Through small victories, you lay the foundation for self-confidence as you increase your ability to recognize and overcome obstacles. In the process, these obstacles are transformed into opportunities for personal growth.

The Coaching Conversation

The foundation of wellness coaching is the coaching conversation. The first session goes into great detail and lasts up to 90 minutes. Subsequent conversations last from 60 minutes to 30 minutes. By the end of each session, you will determine what went well, what got in the way, and what steps will be most beneficial for the coming week. I keep track of your insights and goals, and send you a clear, concise synopsis of your progress after each session.

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Read what others who have benefitted from Jeanne's services have to say.

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“Working with Jeanne helped me develop a powerful tool for reframing seemingly difficult situations. Now, I use this tool often in a variety of contexts. I have found a new ease in dealing with difficulties as they arise.”

Keren, ESL Teacher

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“Like most Americans, I came from the school of “do it yourself”, until a coaching session with Jeanne Kuntz completely changed my perspective. Although we had never met before, I felt a strong sense of warmth and a maternal connection from the start. We discussed my hopes and goals for business, my health, and more. We also discussed the different things outside of work and family that make me happy and how to make sure I implement them in my daily life. I felt completely comfortable opening up to Jeanne and genuinely felt that she cared for me and wanted to see me succeed.”

Tracy H., Co-founder of Your Daily Thread

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“Jeanne helps me feel hopeful when I give up on myself. She reminds me of all the ways that I can be in control of my health, and I feel good about re-committing to these actions. I end up feeling good about my exercise program and my new eating habits. The best part is, my sessions are fun and I leave with a feeling of lightness. Jeanne is a gem!”

Chrissy O, Wildlife Educator