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If you would like to hear more of how Jeanne has helped people, read what others who have benefitted have to say.

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“Like most Americans, I came from the school of 'do it yourself,' until a coaching session with Jeanne Kuntz completely changed my perspective. Although we had never met before, I felt a strong sense of warmth and a maternal connection from the start. We discussed my hopes and goals for business, my health, and more. We also discussed the different things outside of work and family that make me happy and how to make sure I implement them in my daily life. I felt completely comfortable opening up to Jeanne and genuinely felt that she cared for me and wanted to see me succeed.”

Tracy H., Co-founder of Your Daily Thread - Your Daily Thread

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“Jeanne helps me feel hopeful when I give up on myself. She reminds me of all the ways that I can be in control of my health, and I feel good about re-committing to these actions. I end up feeling good about my exercise program and my new eating habits. The best part is, my sessions are fun and I leave with a feeling of lightness. Jeanne is a gem!”

Chrissy O., Wildlife Educator - www.reptilefamily.com

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“Jeanne possesses all the characteristics one could hope for in a wellness coach. She has knowledge about the various components of wellness, is a good communicator and a great listener, and is able to come up with excellent strategies for addressing issues. She is also highly empathetic and generally a very caring person.”

Madeline S, Partner in a legal search firm, former practicing lawyer - LinkedIn

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“Jeanne's focused and careful listening, and her precise and insightful feedback helped me define and clarify my professional goals, and provided me with effective tools for accomplishing them. This, the result of only my first coaching session! Her distinct ability to consider individual circumstance, then identify essential elements for success (mind, body and spirit) and offer specific methods for eliminating obstacles, makes Jeanne an inspiring and valuable ally. Thanks, Jeanne!”

Jenny L., Writing Coach, Videographer - Facebook

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“Having Jeanne as a Wellness Coach was like finding the gift of 'How to Live the Life You Dream About.' Jeanne offered encouragement, insightfulness and had the ability to make me mindful of all of the "why's" that were the foundation for the habits I had developed over the course of time. Jeanne's gentle manner was very reassuring and non-threatening. Her ability to bring me back to a time where I was successful, enabled me to believe that it could happen again. Jeanne had a way of putting the puzzle pieces of mind, body and spirit into a perfect frame!”

Linda R., Teacher

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“Jeanne has a very relaxed style that allows me to be comfortable. In the past when I have set goals, it felt like a rigid unrealistic list of things. Jeanne asks all the right questions to make me set goals that are clear and realistic. She is highly intuitive so she is able to make connections between seemingly disconnected pieces of information. I feel blessed to have found someone who can work so precisely, yet allow the process to flow. I have accomplished more in 4 weeks working with Jeanne than I have working on my own in one year.”

Sarah S, Actress

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“When I started working with Jeanne, I already felt competent as a teacher. The problem was that preparing for lessons seemed to take all of my free time. In our sessions, I learned which action steps worked best for me. I was able to reduce my prep time by as much as 1/3. Just being aware of my desire to opened up new possibilities and helped me let go of my old mindset. I realized that life would be sweeter if I had more time for myself. Now, I am actually a better teacher. I use my free time for exercising, reading and just coming home earlier and relaxing.”

Dottie S., Teacher

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“Working with Jeanne helped me develop a powerful tool for reframing seemingly difficult situations. Now, I use this tool often in a variety of contexts. I have found a new ease in dealing with difficulties as they arise.”

Keren, ESL Teacher

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“My sessions with Jeanne have been a very wise gift I have given myself. With her clear insight, Jeanne has helped me to define the things that have blocked me from setting realistic targets, and her gentle guidance empowers me to work joyfully towards my goals.”

Francine O., Artist

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“Jeanne is a very insightful and creative coach, with deep intuition and a big heart. She brought awareness to the areas I needed to focus my attention on. I felt deeply touched and moved by the way Jeanne conducted the session. She drafted the specific plan for resolving an urgent matter to improve my health and wellbeing at the time. I realized why I was resisting change, which was probably the most important part of our work. I gained some insights about myself which I had ignored for many years. I learned that some of my old patterns were keeping me stuck and in order to be well, I had to give them up. There is a deep satisfaction in creating the intention and completing the task. Jeanne showed me that sweet possibility of success.”

Yana Khudyakova - Linkedin