Perfect Timing

Perfect Timing Workshop

- Explore the art of flowing through the day as you stay connected to the power of the present moment.

Does the stress of rushing all day affect your health, ruin your mood and make you unpleasant to be around?

Has running behind schedule impacted your financial situation due to lost clients, missed appointments, late fees and even speeding tickets?

How many personal and professional relationships have you damaged by arriving late and letting people down?

The Workshop

Learn a few simple, sure-fire techniques so you can switch from saying "Oh shoot, late again!" to "Yeah! I got there with time to spare!"

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Hi. I'm Jeanne Kuntz and after a lifetime of running late and feeling out of control, I have discovered a different way of approaching time and energy that has changed my life for good. I now arrive on time, relaxed and ready to be fully engaged. I've created a dynamic, hands-on, intimate workshop to share these powerful yet simple techniques with you. 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn to use "cushions of time" to create a schedule that supports you instead of stressing you out
  • Develop strategies to resist "squeeze-ins" - tasks that seem quick but ultimately gobble up your precious time
  • Identify your primary time/energy stealers and disable them
  • Create calming, convenient rituals and routines to help you flow through the day with ease
  • Enjoy newfound feelings of self-respect and confidence as you start living in "natural time"

Whether you are an over-scheduled professional or a mom being pulled in 20 directions at once, the Perfect Timing Workshop may provide the solution you've been waiting for.

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